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Why does SEO matter?

Let’s be honest. With so many businesses having to move to online marketing, your website matters more than ever. So, you have a great looking website. But have you done Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Why does SEO matter? It is how people can find you organically as opposed to doing paid online advertising. Online advertising is important, but only one piece of the puzzle.

SEO is a combination of making sure that there are the right meta tags on the back end of your site, that you have the right keywords in your web copy and updating your site on a regular basis.Search engines re-index your site every time you make changes to your site. It dramatically increases your opportunity to be found by people who don’t know your company name or brand.

Things like adding a customer testimonial, new images, new keywords based on how people are finding your site, or getting on a regular cadence of blog posts can increase traffic to your site in a heartbeat.

And website updates that highlight online ads that you are running is key to conversions and sales. Once you get the first sale, then you have a runway to develop an email campaign to keep your customers involved with your product and brand.

Remember: you can’t just launch a great looking site and think people will find you.

If you need help coming up with a strategy to increase traffic to your site, help you re-engage with your customer base, or do retargeting to capture visitors to you site who don’t purchase let us know. We can help you map it out, create content for you, and help you build your business.

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