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Great web design is a lynch pin in your marketing strategy.

You can have a great social media and email strategy, even a great advertising strategy. But what happens when your customers or prospective customers come to your website to learn more about your business and offerings?

Do they find a consistent message and voice from you? Do they find a site that is readable, regardless of what device they are using to view it? Can they clearly see what you are offering and how to purchase from you? Do you make it easy for them to engage with you if they have questions?

Building a great website takes a lot of planning. If you put the time into planning, thinking about the entire customer journey, you will see your sales increase.

Things you need to think about as you build or relaunch a website include:

  • How do the images you choose resonate with your desired customer market?
  • How do you maintain brand consistency with your other marketing efforts?
  • Words matter. How do you work keywords into your web copy to help with organic searches so that people can find you?
  • How are you using dynamic forms and using your website to gain insights into who your customers and prospective customers are?
  • How are you showing that you understand your customers, their needs, and are approachable and easy to work with?

A great website will build customer trust, create brand consistency, and drive sales. But it needs to meet your customer’s expectations, and those expectations are always changing.

People are doing online research to decide who to purchase from. How are you showing up, and how can we help you show up in an effective way?

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