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What is a Unique Value Proposition (UVP) and why do you need one?

It isn’t just “speeds and feeds” or technical specs  or the services that you offer that will set you apart. Although sometimes they will. However, every company out there needs to differentiate themselves from growing competition.

There are many ways to do that. Are you:

  • A locally based manufacturer?
  • Are you one of a handful of artisans left in your trade?
  • Do you offer a different level of service?
  • Are you “classified” as a veteran, minority or female owned business?

NOT that these labels should matter if you provide great products and great services. But they can get you noticed and help you build your brand. And it starts in the Boardroom, whether that is you or 10 people.




All of these things roll up in to your UVP. Your UVP needs to reflect three things:

  • Your vision
  • Your purpose
  • Your passion

Here are 3 examples that our customers have honed in on for their UVP.

Tactical Construction. Founded by a retired military veteran, he hires, trains, and helps veterans who return to civilian life, overcome the transitions inherent to that adjustment and find new meaning with the skills they learned while they served our country. His passion, purpose, and vision is to give people a second chance when life changes dramatically.  Learn More About Tactical

Common Ground MenCare. Started by a dude who had a minor accident, ended up with a black eye, and couldn’t find anything to cover it up with before going back to work. His vision was to create a line of skin products created by men for men to help men look and feel their best, not matter what life throws at them. He is passionate about educating men about basic skin care and how it can help them in minutes a day. Learn More About Common Ground

Busy Shoes Repair. In a market that has been overrun by cheap products, the owner and operator of Busy Shoes has taken her 40+ years of shoe and leather repair to and oldie but goodie level of service. Her passion started as a seamstress, then she found herself working for a cobbler and fell in love with all types of shoe and leather repair and restoration work. Her passion now it to make all things that look worn or old new. Learn More About Busy Shoes

So, what is your UVP? What is the story behind your product or service? If you need help finding it, we are here for you.

We can help you stand out from the competition.

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