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We all want to see increased sales based on marketing efforts. But often, sales and marketing are disconnected. Marketing automation can bridge that gap. How?

  • Easily segmenting leads by industry, role, company size, and title
  • Delivering personalized interactions at every step of the sales funnel
  • Giving you lead scoring to see which leads are truly qualified
  • Nurturing leads with automated emails – write them once, use them a thousand times

Marketing automation gives you deep insights into who is engaging with you, and how and when to talk to them.

  • Who has visited your website?
  • Which pages have they visited?
  • Have they read your emails?
  • Have they watched a demo?
  • Have they looked at your pricing page?

Each of these activities get scored, and give you a laser focus on which customers are the best sales targets.

Marketing automation includes:

  • Dynamic landing pages
  • Behavior-based emails
  • Campaign management, including reporting and analytics
  • CRM integration and sales management

The results are a shortened sales cycle and an easy way to keep your existing customers engaged with you.

Our upcoming blog posts will dive into each of these areas and more.

The challenge with marketing automation? A lot of the tools are expensive and difficult to use. Harris Interactive Media can help you implement an affordable marketing automation system to maximize your marketing ROI and boost your sales.

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