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JGB Enterprises - Tuff Guard

Located in Syracuse, NY a leading supplier of hoses and assemblies for commercial hoses, celebrating over 35 years in business. They made the decision to launch their first consumer product in 2010.  With little success they chose to turn to Harris Interactive to help them try a different approach on marketing this innovative garden hose.



Hub & Spoke Social Media Strategy

Channels Implemented were Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+


Blog Established with weekly gardening tips


Facebook posts reached exceed 3,200 people


Statements from Tuff Guard

 – “In one month that SM was launched we moved the most hoses since it’s release, and that is without any print/TV/Newspaper marketing so that’s big!”
– “We acquired 4 “real” customers- True Value, a high end gardening tool online retailer, and 2 nurseries!”
– “We also saw a spike in sales from and in the first month, and it has carried over this month.”

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