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So how do you build a social media strategy?

If you are a brand-new business or just new to social media, here is where you start. Who is it that you want to talk to about your products or services to? It is all about thinking about your customers and potential customers.

Do you want to build a community around a business focused product or service, like the most amazing SaaS business platform, or the best market analysis methodologies, or the coolest new tech gadget? Or do you want to build a community around consumer products like health and beauty products, natural supplements, shoes, custom art, or specialty food items (can you tell it is lunch time and we are hungry)?

It all starts with thinking about what you are selling and who you want to engage with.

So, Step 1 is all about really thinking about your product or service, who will want it, and why. Sounds simple, but it is the simple stuff that lots of people overlook.

Let’s be real. All of your customers and potential customers are already on social media. So the key is figuring out where they are based on your business. There are ways we can help you find the best “influencers” and social channels to find them, then build a plan that meets your budget.

But it all starts with your knowing your customers and your target customers, where they are, and what they want to hear to engage with you.

Sometimes it is advertising on those channels. Sometimes it isn’t, and you just need to put in some dedicated time into creating content that is relevant, timely, and engaging. And putting a plan in place to keep the conversation going.

We can help you on any part of the “knowing your customer” journey you are on. Already know? We can help you dial in a strategy with the latest (and ever changing) channels. Don’t know? We can help you figure it out and find a focus.

We can help you tame the bear that social media management is, because it is a bear.


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