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It’s a very common question, because having multiple pages can get overwhelming especially if you have a small team.

Landing pages are key for a few reasons:

  • They can be easily tailored to your marketing campaign, whether the campaign is email, event, or social media driven
  • They keep people focused on your campaign, so your customers or prospects don’t get distracted and “squirrel” on your fabulous website but never get to the offer you are trying to present
  • Landing pages are a great way to capture information on new leads
  • Offer a great way to do event registration without having to mess up your main website

Why are dynamic landing pages more effective than static landing pages?

  • Static landing pages generally mean there is a super long form to fill out that stops just short of asking your shoe size or the name of your favorite pet. And they take too much time to fill out, so people bounce before they even get through the form.
  • As you build out your customer database, one page can be built and then dynamically show messaging and offers based on who is coming to the page. So if I am a new customer, I could see the product or service you are offering at full retail price, but as a returning customer you could greet me by name, show me different messaging and offer a discount, without having to build a separate landing page. All without me having to set up yet another user account on yet another site, or re-enter information I have already provided.

The benefit to you?

  • Create one page, not multiple pages as you segment your customer marketing efforts
  • Personalized communications and offers without a need to code multiple pages
  • Reduced bounce rates, which puts more contacts in to your marketing and sales funnels
  • Develop a deeper database of customer profiles over time, which helps you target your marketing and sales campaigns
  • And Nirvana: increased lead gen, conversions, and SALES

We can help you build a strategy and create dynamic landing pages to support your marketing and sales efforts. See more about how marketing automation can streamline your efforts and boost sales at

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