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Here at Harris Interactive Media, we love celebrating the success of our clients.

One of the most exciting times in the office is when we get to celebrate the launch of a new website for a new client. Today we are proud feature one of our new clients: Optimizing B2B Prospecting.

This was a “all hands on deck” effort, from doing site design, to copywriting, to developing custom graphics that convey some complex concepts into something that any business can relate to.

Our customer (and long-time friend), Mike Sullivan, has an extensive background in developing models to help companies analyze where they sit in their market, how to identify new customers and focus their sales efforts to grow their businesses. The results they achieve are amazing.

Imagine working with someone who can help you grow your new customer acquisition rate by 50% or more! Optimizing B2B Prospecting has a long track record of doing that.

In Mike’s own words:

“I founded Optimizing B2B Prospecting to help meet a very real need:  helping companies optimize all aspects of their sales and marketing practices to increase their sales prospecting and customer retention practices.”   

Visit Optimizing B2B Prospecting

If you are looking to either fine tune your sales efforts to retain current customers, or figure out how to most effectively prospect for new clients, Optimizing B2B Prospecting can help.

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