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So, let’s be real. It has been a crazy few weeks due to the Coronavirus.

We have been on the phone non-stop with clients and partners who are having to deal with events of all sizes being cancelled, having to re-group to virtual meetings, deal with airline and hotel cancellations…and finding ways to help them keep business going.

Here in Seattle, Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing, and a growing number of major business have mandated work-from-home policies. Most all of our school districts are shut down, some for up to six weeks. And there was no toilet paper at the local grocery store! Fortunately, we are in the land of Amazonia, and before this got crazy I did my normal stock up on TP, paper towels, and Kleenex thanks to my favorite friend, Amazon Prime. Which in all honestly is The. Best. Thing. Ever. (Although it is a little funny that some of the drivers know my dog by name. Maybe I need to start APA – Amazon Prime Anonymous – to help people like me.)

In the office, we listen to a local radio show every morning (yes, a real radio show, old school, not a playlist, but I HAVE given in to streaming it on the Sonos speakers) and we love the morning crew. Every Friday, Young Jeffrey sings his song of the week. He takes a Top 40 song, rewrites the lyrics, and sings it on air.

This morning, he re-aired his song from last week. I was singing and dancing along to it, and it made me think about how all of us need to go back to what we learned in pre-school. Wash your hands. Do the Elephant if you need to cough or sneeze.

Go Wash Your Hands! The Impact to Business.

So I thought I would try to bring a little bit of humor to everyone by sharing the video with you. The virus is no laughing matter, it is hurting the economy in a huge way, disrupting businesses, and causing some crazy behavior out there. But maybe this will make you smile and sing along for just a minute.

If you are caught up in trying to rework your marketing or event efforts, let us know how we can help. And remember what your Momma taught you: wash your hands!

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