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Why does email marketing still count? Even though it is “old school” email marketing still converts 40 times better than social media marketing. So it needs to be a key part of your marketing mix. And with marketing automation, it is easier than ever.

Start building your email list! Whether they are prospects or existing customers, be capturing key information about them.

Names and titles matter so that you know what they care about most. Purchasing, they care about pricing. Key decision makers, they care about what you are adding to their marketing mix, you are going to do for their bottom line, and ROI. So what you say matters.

As you build your email list and start automating your responses, think about 4 things.

1. Deliver value first, not just a sales message
2. When you offer a sales message, have a dynamic landing page that you send people to, or send them to a page on your website that captures information about them in addition to giving them more information
3. Cadence matters. If someone has purchased or asked for more information, automate your emails so that they know they have been heard. Selling? More than 1-2 emails a week can cause problems. You can get blacklisted as a spammer, or you can have people unsubscribe from your email list, which limits your contact pool.
4. Personalize your emails. Marketing automation makes it easy for you to speak in a more personal way to your customers and prospects. Personalized emails typically generate 41% open rates, where generic emails at best have 29% open rates. The more emails you have opened, the better your opportunity is to get a sale.

Harris Interactive Media can help you automate your email systems, landing pages and website pages and see up to 360% higher conversions than general email blasts.

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