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As a marketer, it easy to fall into an information silo of running ads and thinking that is good enough. I have done it. We all have.

But really successful demand generation ties in to so many other things that help increase sales.

You have a great creative idea for an ad campaign. You land on the  most clever headline. Your copy is on point, and fresh and relevant. The images you pick back up your messaging in a way that is SO important today. You have targeted your online ads to a carefully picked profile of potential clients.

But what is missing?

Great demand generation needs to go beyond the ad campaign.

Here are the two things I see over and over that even great marketers overlook.

1 – SEO keyword refreshes. If you are launching a significant new campaign, make sure to do an audit of your website keywords, copy and metatags to reflect your current messaging. Even if you aren’t launching a new campaign, review this every six months at a minimum.

2- Marketing Automation. If you don’t have a tool in place to make it easy for your sales team to lift and reinforce your message in a way that is personalized to each lead or client, you are spending time and money that isn’t going to give you the best results. When you link them together, the results are far better. Leads won’t get missed or overlooked.

If you are looking to optimize your marketing, give us a call. We can help you optimize your efforts and budget to increase lead generation.


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