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OK, this is going to start off a little bit crazy, but stick with me.

In the world of the “new normal” (and I hate that phrase) I have talked to a lot of people who are looking to new ways to build their own business.  And a lot of them are turning to multilevel (MLM)  opportunities.

I recently interviewed several people who have done really well at this to get their insights on what has helped fuel their success. And it comes down to sales enablement basics that we sometimes forget when we are in the thick of endless meetings and constantly changing deadlines and priorities.

1 – They pick products that they are passionate about themselves. From essential oils to magnetic eyelashes to “old school” paper day planners to press-on manicure strips, they have to have an authentic passion for the products. Are you passionate about the products or services you are selling?  If not, how can we help you find or re-find that passion?

2 – Sales training on your products are critical. The companies that have the most have a successful programs provide a steady stream of content to train their teams. This includes  regular webinars and product updates. The same things your sales team needs to be successful.

3 – Lift and Go sales tools. Having a steady cadence of updated sales materials that can be easily repurposed and used across a wide range of social media channels is the biggest thing people  are looking for. Just like your direct sales teams need. Easily personalized, but keeping your core messaging and brand intact. Photos for Instagram, videos for TikTok, posts for Facebook and LinkedIn, and a sales pitch follow up pdfs are all important.

4– Expand your online reach. I’m not talking about online ads that can cost a small fortune. There are some great tools to gamify social media networks to get EVERYONE in your company engaged in actively sharing your product messaging to their personal networks. It helps keep them engaged and proud of that they are doing. Whether it is sharing the latest blog post from your CEO, the latest award you have won, or the excitement of a new product offering, you have a lot more sales people (they just don’t have that title) and it can dramatically increase your results. Even refreshing your website SEO keywords, images, and copy can make a huge impact.

5 – Compensation plans. This is something I saw in a company I recently worked for – the comp plans were at odds between marketing, partner management, and sales. So guess what happened? Everyone worked in their own silo, didn’t share information, and didn’t work together to increase each and every sales opportunity. While you may not have direct authority to ensure comp plans align, you can be a thought leader and bring ideas to your leadership team about ways to align goals across all areas of your company.

Food for thought.

Let us know how we can help you get back to the basics and build your business.


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