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Hopefully as you are reading this, your business is getting back up and running. In the wake of the current crazy, lots of businesses are having to reboot and reattract customers.


Here are 4 important things that can help you get back to business.

1 – Update your website.

Change out some copy, pick new images, update your  SEO keywords. All of these  cause search engines to re-index so that people can find you in organic searches. These will get your business up front and center when people are looking for the product or service you offer.

2 – Social Marketing.

Make sure you are posting  on your social channels that you are back in business. Use your Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram channels to get the word out. And don’t be afraid to ask your network to help share the news.

3 – Run a reopening promotion.

What? Are you crazy? While it may not seem like the best time to run promotions, this is THE time to do it and not only bring your current clients back and  attract new ones as well. It could be as simple as free shipping or a sweepstakes for a free product or service. Everyone is looking for a deal right now because of the uncertainty.

4 – If you are customer facing, publish any Covid-19 implications.

(Back to step 1.)
Do your customers need to wear (and are you providing?) face masks, etc. so that your customers know what to expect. Obviously the details vary not only by state, but by county. Just let people know what to expect. It will give them the confidence we all need right now.

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